protecting and developing your business
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Our Approach

In all our planning we work to a simple formula. Plans should be simple in operation, modular in approach, easy to update and fully integrated with the business wherever possible.  

We operate a completely flexible approach, either training and mentoring your own people or completing specific project-based assignments, to help create preparedness and an effective business continuity environment in your is charged by the man-day at our consultancy rate with a quotation being supplied once we have agreed your requirements.

Real Event Experience

Courtney-New consultants have real life experience of how disasters can adversely impact on an organisation’s continuity and ultimately survival.  It is this knowledge and understanding that is embodied in the assessment, planning and exercising work that we carry out for our clients. Whether your priority is raising awareness, challenging and exercising existing preparations or further developing more mature plans Courtney-New can add value to your resilience and readiness to face the worst.

Implementation Overview